Members of T H Pictures Productions

Matthew Oliver

Matt has played the role of Executive Producer for the last two feature films of T H Pictures Productions. Currently serving as a Board Member of Doc and Wilks, he still holds a vital part within T H Pictures. At Matt's workshop, he creates props and animatronics for the production studio, as well as diving deep into the creative side, with story development. He has also played a role of Assistant Director in Pre-Production for Dead Grid.

Seth Marrotte

Seth has been making short films through T H Pictures since 2008. With the first release entitled “A Movie” he was one of the main camera men. Now serving as a Board Member of Doc and Wilks, Seth aligns with writers and producers to make the next feature film a reality. He tries to get a well developed story and turn it into the film that it needs to be.

Brian Jarvis

Brian Started on T H Pictures as an actor (main antagonist) on Dead Grid. However with the start of production of Woken Terror he has been asked to play the role of Production Manager and Assistant Director. Brian took the time to learn everything about filmmaking that he could before the start of production. His energy drives the set as well as encourages the people working on the film to reach the maximum potential that it can. Brian is someone that we can rely on to get the job done.

Aaron Marrotte

Aaron is one of the founders of T H Pictures Productions. He is a writer for short films and works on the continuity problems with the feature films. Writing just about every short film that T H Pictures has created, his standpoint of storytelling is: “What are the characters feeling and what will the audience feel” His style of storytelling is what sets us apart from other production studios and is continuing to be a valuable asset for T H Pictures. Currently he is working through the company “A Comic Studios” but makes small apprentices throughout the films.

Kurk Marrotte

Kurk is one of the founders of T H Pictures Productions. He works as an actor and writer and tells a story through his actions. Currently owning the business “A Comic Studios” he sets out to tell stories through comics and film. While on set, he works to set out the directors vision and at the same time takes over the character that his is playing to create a specific feeling that the film needs.

Jeremy Farnsworth

Jeremy has been with us since the start of our feature films. His devotion to understanding the art of filmmaking has increased with each film. Taking on the role of director of Woken Terror was a leaning curve, but he has proven himself with completing the whole project. Jeremy has the ability to see the script, then make it. He has been a valuable asset for T H Pictures and is continuing to support the vision we see and will be a huge part of it in the future.

Christian Young-Burnham

Christian has been a huge help for us at T H Pictures Productions. He addresses issues that may arise and negotiates for the best product that we can have. He is responsible for the creation of the T H Pictures intro for our feature films and a lot of fixes in post-production. Christian's creative vision and humor guides the production and his ability to see the direction of the film helps it succeed.

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