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A Comic Studios is an affiliate of Doc and Wilks. They create comics, short films and sell merchandise which can be found on their site: A Comic, on YouTube(short films), and at the online store at Doc and Wilks

The Doctor Zeth YouTube Channel is where most of the T H Pictures or Doc and Wilks Videos are uploaded. This is the channel that is directly connected to T H Pictures Productions. It has a large variety of content stretching through different types of genres.

Members of T H Pictures Productions

Matthew Oliver Matt is a Board of Director of Doc and Wilks, however focuses on the creative development and story development of T H Pictures Productions projects.
Seth Marrotte Seth is a Board of Director of Doc and Wilks and a creator of T H Pictures Productions. He helps Matt with the story development and focuses on the cinematography of the projects.
Brian Jarvis Brian started at an actor in the motion picture "Dead Grid" but is now working as a Production manager, giving advice to directors and giving the knowledge of how to set scenes up.
Aaron Marrotte Aaron is a creator of T H Pictures Productions. He is a writer for short and feature films. He also works with "A Comic Studios" creating an online series called "Tyler's Wild adventures"
Jeremy Farnsworth Jeremy is a Director and Writer and is apart of T H Pictures Productions, making the feature film "Woken Terror" which is to be created as a trilogy.
Kurk Marrotte Kurk is a creator of T H Pictures Productions and is a writer and actor for feature films/shortfilms/web series.

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