Horror Tales: Short Film Series

The Children's Woods is one of the earliest films we made. Taking the place as a re-make of other Horror Tale short films with the same name. This series creates a connected universe, and is the bases of all of our new feature films along with new short films set to come out. This film won “Best Script” for the CATV Halloween-O-Thon in 2012 even though the story was thought of on the spot.

The Statue was originally the short film to be put into the Halloween-O-Thon, however it was not completed in time. Both The Statue and The Children's Woods had a budget of $0.00. The Statue is a 100% re-make from a previous Horror Tales episode filmed 2 year before the making of this film also entitled “The Statue”. The original was shot on a Canon first generation digital camcorder: 480p, and remade with a Sony 1080p handycam.

The School of Horror isn't really part of the Horror Tales series, but was a way to experiment with other cameras. The camera that we were using is a Sony DSLR ax series camera. At this point we may be bias, but Sony cameras seem to give us a better picture and the price is right. We are now using this camera for the films Dead Grid and Woken Terror.

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