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About T H Pictures Productions:

Welcome to T H Pictures Productions! We are a collaborative group, started as a motion pictures studio, currently based in New England. We produce films, podcasts, internet series and more. Created early in 2008, we have collected awards, created live multi-camera productions and now we are bringing in ideas to tell not only fictional stories, but non-fictional stories as well, through the use of Doc and Wilks. Browse the site and head to Doc & Wilks for more information!

Quidditch World Cup

Quidditch season has started! Check out the schedule by clicking on calender above for dates and times. Every round will be streamed right here on the T H Pictures site along with YouTube and Twitch! It starts October 15th and ends mid Febuary 2018, it is streamed live just about every Sunday (excluding holidays).

A Note About Our Feature Films

We make feature films in a non-traditional (currently testing) format. Most of HollyWood uses trailers to get the attention for a film. We like to release a film as segmented episodes to have the audience get a feel for the what they are going to watch. The quality is NOT anywhere near, what the completed film will look or feel like. However it will give you the ability to get in-depth with the characters, feel where the story is heading and be able to give us feedback on the creative side of filmmaking. The last act of the film will not be released online, so if you enjoy what you watch please buy it HERE.

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