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An integrated production program, designed conceptually for the purpose of media arts. Our enrichment program created by Doc and Wilks Board of Directors connects our community, sharing common interests for the general public. Doc and Wilks has succeeded in combining antithetical types of art from across New Hampshire, such as: Motion Pictures, Graphic Novels, Internet Series, Live Stream Media and an excess of media and traditional art, as well as connect and support individuals, with corresponding goals. This entails us to enforce creative expression, the sharing of knowledge, and the economic needs for an artist, to continuously succeed, for the distribution of any type of art form to the community. We hope to energize and correspond with locals, to bring skills and trade to a broader spectrum, communicate ideas, stories, feeling and beauty to reflect culture and perhaps affect culture as well.

-Board of Directors

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Behind the Scenes Shooting "Woken Terror"
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Jeremy Farnsworth Directing a Scene for "Woken Terror"
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Creating Banners for Public Filming
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Photo Shoots for the Cast
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Costume Designs for Characters

Doc & Wilks Affiliates

T H Pictures Productions is a Doc & Wilks ran motion picture and production studio. Currently is operated directly under the "Board of Directors" of Doc & Wilks. T H Pictures creates dynamic films and internet series. T H Pictures legal operations are covered under Doc & Wilks.
Experiencing the Arts is a fully integrated enrichment program focusing on six areas of the Arts: Theater, Media Arts, Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Writing/Poetry.The program has succeeded in far exceeding its initial benefit as a class bringing programs to Mascoma High School and a broader community as well as sponsoring dozens of field trips to arts events. Experiencing the Arts is ran and operated under Chris Morse.
A Comic Studios is a privatly operated business located in southern New Hampshire. It is responsable for producing a comic series and an internet series. The motion pictures of A Comic Studios is affiliated with T H Pictures Productions, however merchandise is sold separately through A Comic Studios.

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